About Us
Nursing Education International Concepts is the Nurse's and CNA's online guide
for travel and planning for Continuing Education Conferences in international
locations. Use our website NEIC to find your next vacation and have fun learning
with your colleagues. All our travel conferences include AIRFARE, Hotel
accommodations, Nursing classes, Daily breakfast, transfer to/from airport
(international locations) and more....

World wide, our CEUs travel programs are handled by an elite group of deluxe
destination management specialists. This network of member companies has
proudly served over two million travelers, and is committed to the detail their
unique destinations require. They are able to offer you travel experiences not
available through regular tour packages.

Advantages of our group travel program:

  • Contact hours meetings and conferences in exciting foreign destinations,
    exchanging experiences and opinions with your colleagues.
  • Provide CEUs documentation.
  • The ability to stretch your travel dollar to include airfare, hotels, some
    sightseeing, and meals (breakfast and some dinner) for approximately the
    same cost as an individual economy air ticket.
  • Economically feasible to have your family and friends join you and share
    the   excitement of foreign travel.
  • Have deluxe destination management specialists handle your
    arrangements in each country visited.

Assist you in making all pre-tour arrangements i.e. visas, domestic flights,
overseas pre or post tour individual arrangements.
Making each Professional Travel Abroad experience a truly outstanding one.
Our goal is for RNs, CNAs and their friends & families to experienced vacation of
a lifetime while learning. We bring the WORLD to the Nurses & CNAs.  Come and
enjoy it with us!!!