What NURSES are saying...

Lucy Bravo & Saree Bravo - Poway, CA.
All tours were excellent and well organized. We have wonderful memories which
we'll cherish for the rest of our lives. The sites were very interesting and the
information added a new perspective to our trip. The FOOD was great
especially at Latin Quarter.

Roland Eagan & Mercy Eagan- Blowing Rock, NC
I have travelled abroad at least a dozen times in the past and never have my
wife and I had a wonderful experienced. The trip was abolutely wonderful. The
hotel and boat provided excellent accommodations and the professional
component exceeded my expectations. Thanks to NEIC for a wonderful

Suzette & Brittany Jernigan
San Diego, California
The staff of NEIC were very accommodating to the participants of the seminar. It
was a wonderful experience especially being able to meet other nurses from
different parts of the US and exchanging nursing stories. It was a almost a grand
reunion affair .We are looking forward to the next trip NEIC is planning to do.
Thanks, Elena....

Jamie Samson & Anne Song, New York, NY
Hats off to NEIC for a wonderfully designed and organized trip to Paris 2006. I
learned a great deal appreciated the balance of structured and free time. After
a few months to catch up on my work, I'll be ready for my next trip with NEIC.

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